8 Design Tools for Freelancers

In today’s world, images have taken on fundamental importance. The little time we have has meant that to choose any product or service, we demand its shock and surprise us. Therefore, if you want to promote your brand above the competition, you must add a design with the following characteristics:

  • Consistency: it must be linked to the identity of your company.
  • Balance: you have to respect a series of colors and order to create that “shock” in the client, but without confusing him.
  • Personality: the basis of a good design is to create an image that impacts and, at the same time, reflects the company’s identity with a visual force that attracts.
  • Simple: don’t forget that less is more. A simple “logo” that clearly shows your company’s values is much more complete and easy to remember.

Thanks to a good design, you can achieve a solid corporate image linked to your “logo,” making your company stand out from the competition.


It is an ideal program for non-designers who want to give a visual plus when transmitting their activity. The options for this tool are:

  • Create a brochure.
  • Create a poster.
  • Create a Logo.
  • Compose images, a beneficial aspect to create occasional campaigns.

Canva is not a photo retouching tool. It is an online tool, and therefore you can access it from any device. It consists of many free templates, although it has a paid version with a very easy-to-use interface. Canva is available as an iPad app.


It’s the easiest way to make infographics (which is the best way to create easy-to-understand, visual summaries). The functions of this tool are:

  • Create and modify templates.
  • More imaginative presentations.
  • Create posters, flyers, and reports with professional quality.

Thanks to the templates of this tool, and its talented designers, you will give your designs an extra visual impact. This tool is paid, although it incorporates several packages to adapt to all possible users.


It is a tool very similar to the previous one, and it also allows you to make infographics. Its differentiating functions, compared to the previous one, are:

  • Allows you to share infographics on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.
  • It will enable to include videos, audio, or images.
  • Add charts, panels, and maps.

This tool has two versions, a free one in which the creation can only be included on a website or social network, and a paid one, which allows you to download the image and enter a password to protect it.


It is a digital image editing tool in bitmap form. We can edit both drawings and photographs. Their functions are:

  • Retouching and editing of images.
  • Free-form drawing.
  • Make photomontages.
  • Convert the format of the photos.

It is a complete program that will give all your designs a totally professional appearance. Guimp’s drawback is precisely its best attribute, and you have so much editing power that it is difficult to use without prior knowledge.

Freepik – MorgueFile – Photopin

Three complementary tools have a free image bank that can be used freely. Do not forget that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Their functions are:

  • Freepik has thousands of vectors and illustrations.
  • MorgueFile is a free image bank that can be used freely, thanks to the community of users who supply the database by uploading their images.
  • Photopin is similar to the previous ones. It offers you another database where you can find the ideal image for your business if you cannot find it in the other two options.

These 3 tools will provide you with a pervasive and free database to give your company and your campaigns a visual plus.


It is a tool that gives you certain Photoshop features. Their functions are:

  • Add filters to images.
  • It allows you to edit specific photos, such as contrast, brightness, colors, etc.
  • It has an application for IOS and Android.

It is a free and easy-to-use tool that allows you to add a modern touch to your images and adapt to any situation.


It is a perfect tool for all phases of project design, interface creation. It is an online tool. Their functions are:

  • It is ideal for carrying out joint projects since being online facilitates interaction.
  • It is suitable for prototyping and coding.
  • It includes a process called “components” that enables the possibility of replicating and modifying design elements.

It is a very intuitive tool for creating interfaces, making it very complete to customize your project.


It is a tool that offers many of the options of the famous Illustrator program. Their functions are:

  • Allows you to edit free and open-source vector graphics.
  • You have the option of creating and editing lines, logos, diagrams, illustrations, and even pictures.

It is a free and very complete program that provides many possibilities that make it an exceptional program for your business despite not being easy to use.