Tumblr for Business

How to Use Tumblr to Get More Clients

If you run a small roofing business, you may be wondering how to get more clients. One option is to use Tumblr. This social media platform can help you reach a wider audience and generate leads for your business. Here’s how to get started…

It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients when crafting content. Ask yourself – is this something I’d want to read or look at? Is it interesting, informative, and/or entertaining? Consider tailoring your content to attract highly relevant prospects. High-quality visuals can also draw attention and make your content more engaging. Involvement on social media is another effective way to generate interest in your work and reach potential clients. Take advantage of viral trends, by creating videos and other materials that pertain to those topics, for example. Finally, show off happy customer testimonials with screenshots and quotes from satisfied clients; these are always great for building trust among prospective buyers.


Using hashtags is a great way to attract more eyes on your posts and reach a greater audience. They allow you to focus on topics that are relevant to your post content and create a trend of targeted followers. Focus on using broad, but relevant, terms and phrases in the hashtags so that more people can find your posts. It’s also helpful to search for other popular hashtags within the same topic to give yourself an idea of what works best. Keep track of how certain hashtags perform by measuring how many people engage with it each time you use them – it will help improve your hashtag strategy over time.

One great way to promote your Tumblr blog is by utilizing other social media platforms. Many bloggers have become successful in growing their audience by leveraging the massive reach of platforms like Instagram and Twitter, allowing them to engage with a much larger group of potential readers. By posting thoughtful link previews and teasers, you can draw attention to the content you’re hosting on your Tumblr blog. Additionally, targeting potential readers through advertising or influencer marketing campaigns can open up powerful avenues for reaching new audiences. As long as you’re mindful about what networks to utilize and how you want to approach introducing people to your blog – promoting it elsewhere can be an invaluable strategy for driving engagement.