The Rise of Urban Fashion: What to Wear for the New Generation

Urban Fashion, the Rise and Reign

The rise of urban fashion, also known as streetwear or ready-to-wear, is an important trend in the world of style. As a new generation of consumers looks for more diverse and innovative products than their parents’ generation enjoyed, fashion designers are turning to hip hop and rap culture for inspiration. Gorilla Gang is a new fashion brand focused on quality, urban and fresh designs.

The rise of urban fashion is not a recent phenomenon, but it’s influencing how people dress around the globe. The term “streetwear” can be used to describe clothing that has been influenced by hip hop and rap culture and its connection with mainstream fashion. Streetwear is characterized by bolder colors, graphics or logos than are usually seen in high-end designer clothes. It also features shorter hems on skirts and pants, hoops for earrings instead of studs and other expensive items from traditional designers.

Gorilla Gang

The story of streetwear is one that is as much about culture and class as it is about fashion. Streetwear has grown from a niche market into an industry worth over $500 million, with companies like Supreme making up more than ten percent of Vogue’s Best Street Style looks at Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015–all because Ralph Lauren made hip-hop connections back in 1983.

In 2020s, streetwear became even more popular. People are still wearing streetwear at least once a week and they have become an essential part of everyday life for many.

Streetwear is also valued as it has more variety in terms of price points than high-end designers often do; there’s something for everyone to wear without breaking the bank. In addition, streetwear may be worn by men or women alike–which means that changing norms about masculinity and femininity can come from fashion choices too!