What to do when Your Roller Shutter is Broken

How to Fix a Broken Roller Shutter

If you have a roller shutter and it is not working properly, there are some things that you can do to get it back in shape. Roller shutters are great for protecting your home from various weather conditions, but if the motor is broken or the blades don’t open and close correctly then they aren’t very useful at all. Global Roller Shutters Melbourne – Security Shutters & Repairs can help you with broken window shutters, but here are some tips too!

Check to see what the problem is. Is it a loose wire? Is something blocking the blades from opening or closing all of the way? Have they been stuck together by a bird’s nest, tree sap, etc.? Our professionals can help determine the problem.

Global Roller Shutters Melbourne - Security Shutters & Repairs

If you know that there is nothing obstructing the shutter and it looks like wiring then follow this checklist:

Check power connections on both ends of the track; make sure that they are tight and not stripped out anywhere. Sometimes they get loose and won’t make contact.

Check the motor; is it spinning? Is there power coming out of the plug on one end of the track but not the other? Replace both motors if they are bad, or just replace whichever side doesn’t have a working motor.

Remove any debris that could be blocking movement in either direction (broken pieces of wood, etc.)

If you need to get a roller shutter fixed now then call Global Roller Shutters Melbourne – Security Shutters & Repairs for help today! We offer fast service at an affordable price. Or visit our website for more information about us and what we can do: globalrollershuttersmelbourne.com